Monday, August 17, 2009

The Rocket Flower Yarn

Tried my hand at low-twist thinninsh single using Greyface 09 fleece.
In some ways, the fleece from hell, not surprising as it came from a crankey little Suffolk cross ewe (who is also a great mother it has to be said). She looks like hell, at first glance her fleece looks like hell - but on further inspection it is fine and soft and I earmarked it for a low-twist single for lace knitting.
Took a while to get the spinning right but it paid off in the end with 1000+ m of 16 wri, 4.4 TPI yarn which dyed nicely with Koolaid.

Hank drying after stove-top drying

The lemon-lime part

Dry, ready to ball-wind

On the ball winder

Shale swatch

Why Rocket Flower? Well, the rocket bolted earlier this year and produced lovely purple/mauve,cream flowers on light green stems.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

February Sky Waistcoat

February Sky handspun turned into a waistcoat.
Another makey-up pattern - this time with plenty of holes.

Looks better oin the door than on me :).
Wanted a tighter rib but it relaxed too much when I steam ironed it. However Lindy told me how to fix that - but not that I can, not sure I want to - tuypical!
Wooden buttons - from a tree branch Paul sawed up - as per Stephanies suggestion - quite like these. Put nail polish on them - don't know how they might wash though.