Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two woven cushion fronts.

I fancied using some of my hand-spun yarns to make colored cushion fronts. Made a selection from these:

Colored wool balls

For a weft-faced fabric, I didn't really care this time what the warp was composed of and since I had a big ball of commercial yarn, I decided to use that:

Cushion front warp

I warped the full width of the 7.5 dent heddle on the 20" AKL. I left 18" for draw-in and waste and 8 inches between the two fronts I planned to weave.

second woven square with merino-silk inlay Some of the yarns were doubled to get a thicker weft.

I made cushion-cover backs using an oatmeal-colored linen blend fabric which I pre-washed. (It didn't shrink at all despite 40Deg C!).I pre-washed the two fronts when they were off the loom - and they didn't change either at 40 Deg C. So what was I pre-washing for? Just in case, I suppose.
I got reacquainted with my 1977 Kenmore sewing machine - and found it's long-lost instruction manual on the net - yeah! After 34 years' I'm going to machine sew button holes in something - have to do a project just so I can sew button holes. These cushions have snap fasteners with a button sewn on top. Sixteen-inch cushions inside.

multi-color cushion front

oatmeal and oranges cushion front


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ring Cushion

I saw a Ring cushion in the supplement for Simply Knit magazine - the last issue before the much-vaunted Royal Wedding (royalty is toxic) - and thought I'd like to make one for my husbands niece's wedding in May.
Lindy suggested to knit a lace edge rather than surround it with factory lace - and I think she is right.

ring cushion 1

ring cushion back

My attempts at embroidery were rather poor - but it was a reasonable attempt and it has found it's wat to the brides mother anyhow.