Thursday, August 4, 2016

Black Merino

I purchased some foreign wool!
Five hundred grams of Black Merino, 21 mic., from Wingham Woolworks (probably my last purchase form the UK as, well they are not European any more so bye bye).
Anyway, it is very nice stiff - originates in South Africa I believe, now all I have to do is spin it all into nice even 2-plys of yarn around sport weight and I can continue to use it for edging various projects such as joining colorful crocheted squares to make a throw.
This type of spinning I'm doing on the electric spinner - it is a lot more like work than the spinning I do on my Traveler wheel in my spinning den using my own sheep fleece, which is more of a labour of love.

This may take some time.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep at the wheel.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Batty kaleidescopy

Finally had made batts from all the fleece dyed last summer.

Not sure what these ones will be spun into.
They are medium-coarse, bouncy strong fibres 4 - 6 inches long on ave.

They will make their way to the spinning den eventually when I've stopped spinning undyed white fleece.


View from inside

What was that?

Connie wants in


Friday, February 12, 2016

Along came Connie

I walk ISPAC dogs regularly in their grounds and have met hundreds by now of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. I didn't plan on adopting one, rather intended to let my old collie, Huddle, spend his later years in peace.
HOWEVER, one day, just before I was due to leave, a couple came planning to take their selected red and white collie for a test drive around the grounds. Out leapt a skinny lively slightly crazy human-loving bitch in a red and white tuxedo. "Nope - not her, our choice is a much smaller collie" -  no, but....and sure enough, there was indeed a much smaller, calmer red and white border collie.
Would I take the reject for a walk? Of course - not because of some sentimental fear of hurting her feelings - no, because I had a little time left and because, well, SHE'S MY DOG! Not literally my dog (she in fact came from some hell-hole along with a whole slue of other misused dogs)  ...... people who are very attached to dogs will know what I mean - some synapse closes in your brain when you meet the animal and you have to keep him or her with you - even if he/she is a right handful - which this bitch surely is.

                                         Just arrived in her new home - very submissive (didn't last :))

                                                 Amazed by water!

                                         and by fire

GRRRRRR so many photos and comments I placed here GONE.....again, Sigh.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Catch up on 2015 - before it gets too deep into 2016

Spindles and greasy wool - singles on the small spindle, will ply on the large spindle

Angora rabbit hand-spun hank

Huddie Jan 2015 - have to celebrate the 13 year old even if he's
slowed down and senses not too good, he's still a cute teddy bear.

Various little hand-spun hanks,  made of different fibres; wool, dog, rabbit

A spindle wigwam

Combed dyed fleece

                                                            Made into nests


Drum carded together

A clutch bag,  knit from handspan wool

Huddle looking into a bush...probably forgotten why he used to hang out there all the time - it's because of the two bitches across the road - hoping they would make an assault on the hedge like they used to so.

Green centre pull handspun yarn ball

Roving I got at a fiber fest in the UK, spun into a sport-weight yarn and now to become a cables scarf

A set of greens, neutrals to weave into a piece of fabric for a small fusion cover.

In place on its bed

I dyed some  merino-silk roving  green and will spin.
It's now a shawl and a hat - will add later.