Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two hand-woven scarves

With all this plain blue yarn spinning, I suppose I had a need for a lot of colors - and something more intricate to do with them.

This resulted in two scarves woven on my rigid heddle, using Cascade superwash Merino yarn -

A color-and-weave scarf (detailed in my projects on Ravelry - oisin10708)

Then a "Nerdy-ChiC' using the green and the raspberry with a deep blue to make another scarf where the warp is a Pythagorean triple (25/16/9) and the weft similarly until the last sixth where I placed just the raspberry and the blue in a Fibonacci sequence (als detailed in my projects on Ravelry)

These were pretty satisfying to do - color-hungry demons at bay for another little while.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Blue fleece progresses

The blue-dyed fleece has all been combed and he shorter bits carded.
The fluffy carded stuff is still being spun on a drop spindle but the combed fibers is nearly all spun and plied, the first hank is on the swift and the second lot is almost plied. Soon will be set and ready to test with swatches - that's the nicest bit!

Hank off the spindle

                                           Hank off the wheel: