Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two hand-woven scarves

With all this plain blue yarn spinning, I suppose I had a need for a lot of colors - and something more intricate to do with them.

This resulted in two scarves woven on my rigid heddle, using Cascade superwash Merino yarn -

A color-and-weave scarf (detailed in my projects on Ravelry - oisin10708)

Then a "Nerdy-ChiC' using the green and the raspberry with a deep blue to make another scarf where the warp is a Pythagorean triple (25/16/9) and the weft similarly until the last sixth where I placed just the raspberry and the blue in a Fibonacci sequence (als detailed in my projects on Ravelry)

These were pretty satisfying to do - color-hungry demons at bay for another little while.


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