Monday, August 26, 2013

Hats, hats and A Few Days in Donegal

Stayed in a luxury hotel - Eske Castle Hotel, which lived up to its luxury claims. The days were rather overcast with a little rain but that didn't bother us - especially as the restaurant food in nearby Donegal town was excellent. We visited Derry (wall of etc) and Glencar too.
On the way there we stopped at the Crafters Basket in Sligo and I got myself a head - a styrofoam one that is, to model my knitted hats:
She's a bit eerie, the head, but very obedient.
I must practice taking photos - here's some anyway:

Back to Donegal:
Some of the statuary in the grounds of the hotel:

Glencar waterfall:

Other pics: 
A warm wind

Mountainy nSheep of course

and Lawnmower sheep

Into An Grianan Alleach

That'll do.