Wednesday, November 15, 2017

For Vincent de Paul Craft market

I've promised to set up a table in the VdeP shop in Athlone Saturday next.

I've selected some of my handmade items to offer.
Hopefully SOMEONE will like one or two.
Anyway it should be of passing interest at least and I'm bringing my spinning wheel 
to spin up some new roving I got at the Knitting and Stitching show in Dublin

A selection of my handwoven wool scarves

Handwoven Acrylic scarves (some don't appreciate wool)

Brown sheep and Brown Lamb handspan wool hats

Artyarn I spun and knitted in to a rakish hat I call 
"Rebel Girl"

Swirl hat knitted with handspan BFL roving

Handspun Merino knitted into a beret I call

Ribbed beanie - handspan hand dyed in muted colours

Handspun hand dyed little hat - I call "Green Apples"

Some Tough gLoves and Hotfoot bed/boot socks with an
art yarn headband

Cushion cover - crocheted wo


Rug Yarn Galore

I find plying coloured rug wool yarn the most satisfying 

The e-spinner is great for this

Lying in wait for their instructions

This rug took about 1 KG of handspan wool yarn`


Monday, June 12, 2017

Spinning Grey Alpaca - again

Not content with having three (or more?) Unfinished Objects, I decide to attack some of the raw alpaca fleece bagged in my spinning den.

I did not photo the raw stored fleece as it looks like a crime scene but I did photo the 56 gm batt I made on the drum carder.

It is pretty nice soft fibre now that I have teased and picked handfuls of it while leaning out over the half-door of the den. Any Alpaca fleece I've acquired has been full of black and grey dust and not great for working indoors.

Hands always looks like this after prepping or spinning it:

I'm spinning it on the e-spinner (the wheels is otherwise engaged) with an angle of around 25 - 30 degrees.

That intermittent noise is from the camera not the E spinner I'm glad to say.

More batts needed as all spun for now.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spin, Dye, Knit - rug

Been spinning and dying on and off between various other projects.
Now enjoying knitting up the handspan for a circular rug, below:

Land, sea and sky -in progress - ad to make some more yarn to continue.

Ready to join the others.

More later - if the MacBook allows. It is getting very very slow - all sorts of maintenance done but still very sluggish. Maybe time for a new hard drive ... or a new computer...sigh.
Hoe it lets me put up at least some of my seasonal photos (which have accumulated a lot over time) on my Love The Seasons blog.
Back again later.... I hope.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Order and Chaos

There has been more chaos then order in my life since August last year.
However the black Merino is well spun into useful yarn cakes and available to add to and edge several projects.

I seem to be sending my hand spun fleece yarn to more fanciful projects ('though it is still king when it comes to hats and gloves). It is used here in one of my more chaotic projects - an end-of-bed throw which symbolises earth and space and will frame at its centre words some words and symbols of the wonderful polymath Galileo's observations.

To satisfy my need for order, I sourced some commercial yarn made of natural fibres to make patterned scarves on my rigid heddle loom.
Two such shown here:

Here is another ordered scarf - a thinner one perhaps for a young girl bridesmaid, on the loom.

I love this 3:1 pickup pattern.

Another UFO is a rag rug - which I'll eventually tackle ..... I'm sure.

Variety is nice - especially when it allows one part of anatomy to take a break while employing another e.g. weaving vs knitting vs cutting and sewing.

Bye for now on this bright, crisp cold day in January.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Black Merino

I purchased some foreign wool!
Five hundred grams of Black Merino, 21 mic., from Wingham Woolworks (probably my last purchase form the UK as, well they are not European any more so bye bye).
Anyway, it is very nice stiff - originates in South Africa I believe, now all I have to do is spin it all into nice even 2-plys of yarn around sport weight and I can continue to use it for edging various projects such as joining colorful crocheted squares to make a throw.
This type of spinning I'm doing on the electric spinner - it is a lot more like work than the spinning I do on my Traveler wheel in my spinning den using my own sheep fleece, which is more of a labour of love.

This may take some time.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Asleep At The Wheel

Asleep at the wheel.