Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Little Craft market

Attended the little craft market upstairs in V de P's shop.
Went well despite quite low visitor numbers (people don't seem to notice the posters directing them upstairs).

In any event I got most of 100 gms or merino-silk-bling roving spun into two singles as I sat by my "stall".

I was surprised by the number of people who bought my knitted hats - and, amazingly, I didn't get any of the anti-wool comments that I've come to expect. That my be because it was a very very cold day.

A couple of scarves went too - what I really loved was the way people selected hats that suited them - some hats I had wondered about their suitability - and then people came and picked ones that made them and the hats look good.

I've hoping to get a photo or two (from my daughter and some very lovely ladies) to post here at some stage.

Bye for now.

Some photos came through:
My Table (less some items :) )

Got To spin the Merino-lace singles

Plied them later

Daughter took this photo

Lovely ladies sporting my hats

Have enough yarn spun now for another rug


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

For Vincent de Paul Craft market

I've promised to set up a table in the VdeP shop in Athlone Saturday next.

I've selected some of my handmade items to offer.
Hopefully SOMEONE will like one or two.
Anyway it should be of passing interest at least and I'm bringing my spinning wheel 
to spin up some new roving I got at the Knitting and Stitching show in Dublin

A selection of my handwoven wool scarves

Handwoven Acrylic scarves (some don't appreciate wool)

Brown sheep and Brown Lamb handspan wool hats

Artyarn I spun and knitted in to a rakish hat I call 
"Rebel Girl"

Swirl hat knitted with handspan BFL roving

Handspun Merino knitted into a beret I call

Ribbed beanie - handspan hand dyed in muted colours

Handspun hand dyed little hat - I call "Green Apples"

Some Tough gLoves and Hotfoot bed/boot socks with an
art yarn headband

Cushion cover - crocheted wo


Rug Yarn Galore

I find plying coloured rug wool yarn the most satisfying 

The e-spinner is great for this

Lying in wait for their instructions

This rug took about 1 KG of handspan wool yarn`