Monday, October 13, 2014

Halfway into October!!

The weather, the produce ( berries, fruits, greens) , travel (to France) have been so good all summer and September and indeed  October so far, have all been so good that I've neglected to do any blogs despite having doing some spinning and knitting. I am spoilt by the seasons recently and most of my photos relate to that so should (and will) be put on my "Love The Seasons" blog".
Huddie survived the dog kennel ('though appeared pretty deaf for quite a while after we sprung him) and continues to enjoy his retirement despite his 13.5 plus years.

I miss Rufus, the beautiful fluffy red cat who was brought down by severe fly strike (I din't know cats got this, 'though I had recently postulated that this could happen as perhaps I should shear him - careful what you let yourself think!). He was due his next dose of anti-parasitic meds. by a few days before "Lucy" got him. :( :( :(.

Let me look for any fiber photos that might have accrued during that time…. wow it's almost ll food and flowers and scenery….

must rectify that soon!