Sunday, February 23, 2014

Green Peridot scarf gets a copper pin

I've added some modifications to the copper shawls pin - a tiny beed on the tip (to stop it snagging on the yarn) and a little chain between the stylus and the main broach so it won't escape and get lost - or wind up where it should not be.

I'm beginning to get what I want. ( The shawl/scarf (? sharf?) color is more like the lighter shade in top one rather than the lower ones - on my computer anyway).


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Joining-up crocheted squares commenced

Updated seasonal stuff on and am trying to combine several crocheted squares into a cushion cover …sigh.
Must photo when I get somewhere with it.


I have a basket of crocheted squares, accumulated over the years as I made these largely from the left-overs of my hand-spun yarn projects.
They are approximately 6" size but not exactly equal so adding them together will not be as simple as a side-to-side stitching or crocheting. No, I'll have to crochets around the sets of squares in order to add to the lesser pieces and even out the size.
I've completed this effort with one set of three and have started the second set of three - using black dyed Merino I spun from roving some time ago. These sets will have to be blocked to the same size and then joined and are headed for a cushion cover.

I may knit a big square for the back when this part is all done.
Well, it's interesting to do anyway.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Copper Shawl Pin

Since I knit so many little shawls and scarves and the like. I really would like to have - or make - a simple pin to hold them closed.
It's more complicated than it appears at first - the pin has to be sturdy enough to be useful but not heavy and should be easy to put on and take off. Plus, it would be nice if it didn't cost an arm and a leg, as they say…. not literally - but let's face it, the pin is likely to get mislaid, lost or stolen.

I was so delighted to find this little pictorial tutorial by Liz Corke on this page :

But where to get copper wire??

The local hardware store in Ballymahon - Diffleys ?
 I asked for a "length of copper wire" - Mr Diffley thought for a moment (and, after I'd explained that the length in question was about my arm span) he unrolled such a length  - of copper cable and proceeded to strip off its outer two plastic layers - with a very good rest!

So I followed Liz's directions - well, roughly as I don't have the jewelry things ets - but I got quite a nice little functional shawl pin - very good for a first effort I think:

I like this - yes …I really like this .... thanks Liz and Diffleys


Friday, February 7, 2014

Light blue fleece

I dyed this fleece - from one of my Easycare cross sheep - a light blue some time ago.
I'm in the process of flick-carding the locks and spinning this on the Ashford Trad. while I'm drum-carding the shorter fibers and spinning these on my little drop spindle.

The Wheel singles will be piled together and the first little hank of drop-spindled singles has been plied using the Andean plier. It's time to start another spindle-full.

So, some pics of the process:

First little woolie hank, awaiting more.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Green Merino Hand Spun Knitted and Woven

Part of the "seaweed" yarn partly became this lace knitting based on a Periodot Necklace pattern I got from Ravelry member Alina Appasov.

Green hand spun hand dyed fine Merino - spun on the little drop spindle, was nice to knit with.


 Pins out:
Just have to weave in two ends.

Other parts of the green merino I wove into a Brooks Bouquet stole:

The warp is cream colored cotton

Twisted ends