Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Joining-up crocheted squares commenced

Updated seasonal stuff on and am trying to combine several crocheted squares into a cushion cover …sigh.
Must photo when I get somewhere with it.


I have a basket of crocheted squares, accumulated over the years as I made these largely from the left-overs of my hand-spun yarn projects.
They are approximately 6" size but not exactly equal so adding them together will not be as simple as a side-to-side stitching or crocheting. No, I'll have to crochets around the sets of squares in order to add to the lesser pieces and even out the size.
I've completed this effort with one set of three and have started the second set of three - using black dyed Merino I spun from roving some time ago. These sets will have to be blocked to the same size and then joined and are headed for a cushion cover.

I may knit a big square for the back when this part is all done.
Well, it's interesting to do anyway.


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