Saturday, June 15, 2013

100 grams of fleece

100 grams of Texel X Mule fleece form a former sheep of mine.
I washed it some time ago, leaving just the tips with darker solid matter - which I used to try to remove but now I leave as it is handy for finding the tips of the lock when lashing onto a comb or loading a carder.
It's medium to coarse - probably about 26 - 30 microns.

Staple length around 4 inches

Crimps around 8 - 9 nine per inch

Decided to comb the locks on English combs and card the short fibers removed to make rolags.
Plan would be to spin the top worsted style and the rolags woolen for a bumpier woolen - plying both once.
                                                                    Lashed on

Comb from the fixed to the moving comb

Repeat until all gone 

Pass it back to the fixed comb, right to left
comb off again then replace again.

Draw it off through a diz

Strip of combed top

Coiled into a nest and beside it, the short stuff left on the combs, now removed


Rolag for woolen spinning


Friday, June 14, 2013

June - flowers and hats

Growth and flowering continued to burst out over the first 10 days of warmer, dryer weather in early June. Lots and lots of pollen - not all good for the ones with allergies.

The Laburnum excelled its poisonous self:

The Hawthorne snook in on the last day of May (to retain its common name) and went on to be glorious and magical as ever:

I went on with my hat passion:
The "Sheep Heid " hat  (Kate Davies pattern - adapted for hand spun) got blocked on an inflated party balloon (thanks Juliet for the suggestion):

Then there's my own "Leaf Hat":

Not very leafy - I'd intended to add veins down the middles - then decided against as it looks nice when worn "as is" and the veins might be too much, spoiling the simplicity. ANYWAY...
Before saoking and blocking the top was a but flat like so:

I soaked it in warm water for 30 minutes:

Then spread it over an upside-down bowl to dry:

I'm planning on going to wollywormhead's class on knitting hats in July in "This Is Knit" in Powerscourt Town Center Dublin in July - that should be interesting. Might get some tips on how to make a nicer graduated decrease etc. The leafy one above turned ut OK but that was as much luck as design.

Oh Huddie want his walk - he doesn't care that it's raining again GRRRR