Friday, June 14, 2013

June - flowers and hats

Growth and flowering continued to burst out over the first 10 days of warmer, dryer weather in early June. Lots and lots of pollen - not all good for the ones with allergies.

The Laburnum excelled its poisonous self:

The Hawthorne snook in on the last day of May (to retain its common name) and went on to be glorious and magical as ever:

I went on with my hat passion:
The "Sheep Heid " hat  (Kate Davies pattern - adapted for hand spun) got blocked on an inflated party balloon (thanks Juliet for the suggestion):

Then there's my own "Leaf Hat":

Not very leafy - I'd intended to add veins down the middles - then decided against as it looks nice when worn "as is" and the veins might be too much, spoiling the simplicity. ANYWAY...
Before saoking and blocking the top was a but flat like so:

I soaked it in warm water for 30 minutes:

Then spread it over an upside-down bowl to dry:

I'm planning on going to wollywormhead's class on knitting hats in July in "This Is Knit" in Powerscourt Town Center Dublin in July - that should be interesting. Might get some tips on how to make a nicer graduated decrease etc. The leafy one above turned ut OK but that was as much luck as design.

Oh Huddie want his walk - he doesn't care that it's raining again GRRRR


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