Monday, August 30, 2010

This summer 2010

Nearly September - must review the things that went on during this summer. It was quite a good one really.
There was the spinning, dying and knitting of a jumper - Aline - which I'm quite happy with.
Raising and trying woad and Japanese indigo - growing the plants went fine but I have not cracked the dying yet. Gotta keep trying - good thing these are cut-and-come-again plants!
A visit to Wales had to be canceled as a family member - and then one of the dogs - became ill - both better now I'm pleased to say. Maybe next year for woolfest there.
A finished a hat and mittens set - Choppy Waters - in shades of blue then added a pair of plain blue fingerless gloves.
Wove a strip of fabric - supposed to be a runner but I needed a letter holder, - it's now a letter holder.
A visit to Scotland - first to the Ravelry weekend at Stirling then to Inverness and round about was really lovely - especially as the weather was gorgeous.
Recently, following the info given in Spin Off magazine on making self-striping socks and knitting socks to any size, I had a great time making excessively colorful sock yarn and have knitted one so far. If the next winter turns out like the last one, these socks will get lots of wear.
A visit to Galway this weekend (28th) was great too - Mairead gave an excellent account of the production of clothing mainly from wool on the Aran island - mainly Inis Mean I think - in Galway museum as part of heritage week. I then went on to Leenane to the Sheep and Wool center and was delighted to see a Great Wheel put to work.
There's been good eating from the garden - gooseberries, black currents, rhubarb, spuds, salad, herbs, eggs, lamb...
Well that's some of it and I think each bit needs it's own space or this will be a big long sausage of a page with photos.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Self-striping socks

A system based on Paula Egbert's "Dying for Socks"and "Socks at Any Size and Any Gauge" in Spin Off magazine's "Spin Your Socks".

Sock warping board ..1

Sock warping board..5

Painted stripes on warping baord

Painted stripes hank..5

first self-stripingsock  with HSHD

Scotland and Ravelry weekend

A few reminders of the Ravelry weekend at Stirling.:
Ravelry weekend 2010 stuff

I've no photos of the Market place which was great nor the classes I attended - which is a pity as they all deserved one.

Ravelry Stirling 2010

I love this place!
Scotland August 2010 ..20

Scotland August 2010 ..13

Scotland August 2010 ..22

Scotland August 2010 ..14

Scotland August 2010 ..7

Aline jumper

Hand-spun single dyed faintly and spottily with fresh woad - later over dyed with purple and red.
Faint indigo blue august 2010

Aline jumper:
(Based on Sian Brown's pattern in "Knitting" magazine June 2010, Issue 77)