Monday, August 30, 2010

This summer 2010

Nearly September - must review the things that went on during this summer. It was quite a good one really.
There was the spinning, dying and knitting of a jumper - Aline - which I'm quite happy with.
Raising and trying woad and Japanese indigo - growing the plants went fine but I have not cracked the dying yet. Gotta keep trying - good thing these are cut-and-come-again plants!
A visit to Wales had to be canceled as a family member - and then one of the dogs - became ill - both better now I'm pleased to say. Maybe next year for woolfest there.
A finished a hat and mittens set - Choppy Waters - in shades of blue then added a pair of plain blue fingerless gloves.
Wove a strip of fabric - supposed to be a runner but I needed a letter holder, - it's now a letter holder.
A visit to Scotland - first to the Ravelry weekend at Stirling then to Inverness and round about was really lovely - especially as the weather was gorgeous.
Recently, following the info given in Spin Off magazine on making self-striping socks and knitting socks to any size, I had a great time making excessively colorful sock yarn and have knitted one so far. If the next winter turns out like the last one, these socks will get lots of wear.
A visit to Galway this weekend (28th) was great too - Mairead gave an excellent account of the production of clothing mainly from wool on the Aran island - mainly Inis Mean I think - in Galway museum as part of heritage week. I then went on to Leenane to the Sheep and Wool center and was delighted to see a Great Wheel put to work.
There's been good eating from the garden - gooseberries, black currents, rhubarb, spuds, salad, herbs, eggs, lamb...
Well that's some of it and I think each bit needs it's own space or this will be a big long sausage of a page with photos.

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