Tuesday, October 5, 2010

September/october catch up

Annoying the way life gets in the way of yarn projects! However lots of wool and knit stuff went on regardless - perhaps a little guiltily.
Got some photos to remind me of some of the end of summer and early autumn projects and plonked them here.
The garden has been pretty busy this year too so plonked some photos of that below too.
Surprised cat crochet bag:

Surprised cat sized

Neck warmer - my hand spun yarn dyed with Japanese Indigo leaves. The light orange bit is dyed with the Canadian version of Kool Aid
neck warmerSized

More J. Indigo leaf dyed hand spun:

700 plus yards of lace weight hand spun dyed with Kool Aid Grape; Hoping to knit a lacy scarf from "Victorian Lace Today" by Jane Sowerby on loan from Lindy.
Japanese indigo dyed hand spunSized

The second self-striping sock got finished - good thing too as the boiler broke down;
Self striping socks sized

The hand spun stash is gretting out of control. A little of it:
Some stash 2 Sized, Some stash 3Sized, Some stash 1 etc...

But more on the way -
some Buddlia dyed 2 ply hand spun :
Spinning yellow nests sized

A little weaving:
Woven table cloth and yellow nestsSized

Lace knitting based on a pattern in "Luscious lace":
Trellis and rose lace knitting 1 sized
Trellios and rose lace knitting 2 Sized

Plan to dye this red (using Landscape dye "Salmon") when and if completed

When it gets cold and dark and frosty, these photos may remind me that it all grows back again:
The roadside hedge in berry and leaf:
window view sept 2010
road side hedge sept 2010
Gigantic mushroom in the field:
humungous mushroom
A few spuds:
spuds 5

The trees graced us with a few apples this year:
first apples

Can't show the rhubarb as it all went down the red land:
rhubarb tart
A few goosegobs still in the freezer and quite a lotof blackcurrents too
Blackburrents July 2010

The hens continue to be very productive and have sorted their differences:
They've taken to sleeping side by side among the branches of a tree above their hen house. The hen house roof has become a manure heap.
Huddie says "So what - can't get a tooth on either of them"
wet huddie

Enough, enough!!!


Stitchlily said...

Great post! You have been busy. I'm reading it thinking, I want to do all those things...
(Especially love the first line, deep down I think we all feel like that..)

Catherine said...

Thanks Stitchlilly - you could probably do better when life gets out of your way :).