Friday, May 17, 2013

Garden Ardnacraney May 2013

After a very very slow start to the season (essentially no spring until May), there is life in the garden.
I've only just planted Nasturtium seeds - in a new little bed in the former Lambing paddock, put there to soak up some of the excess water around there - in pots and in a space in the raised bed where something (cat? dog?...) has dug up my recently planted spring onion. Netting over this now to discourage whichever beastie has been digging.
So just a load of photos to remind me where things are this mid-May:

                                          New little raised border -some bulbs etc planted
                                                   A good crop of rhubarb this year - 3 pies so far:
                                                   Sour Cherry tree:
                                          Little milt-headed daffs. - tough cookies!
                                          "Love Lies Bleeding" - suddenly erupted:
                                         Some apple blossom appearing and Huddie's beloved agility run:
Lyme tree didn't disappoint:

                                                   New bed in old lalmbing paddock

                                                    Swingig CDs might ward off the birds

                                           Ground cover:

                                       Window box - transplanted a little evergreen and added some aubretia - I think
                                         Cleaned up some older pottings:

                                         Another tough cookie:

                                        Returning - have to look out for slugs:

                                          Chives, marjoram, thyme, rosemary in the loo:
                                      A good year for cowslips - they (and dandelions) seem to like this foul weather
                                          Crab apple:
                                                  Garlic, spring onions and pushy fennel:
                                                  someone's been digging in it GRRR need netting!
                                                   Somewhat sad looking little gem lettuce and spinach
                                                    hope they pick up later