Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rustic wall hanging, new animals

Wove this with single hand spun yarn for the warp and it punished me as expected, with breaks and sags - but it rewarded with it's softness and pliability - and it is more regular in shape than I deserve.
The colors in the top image are truest to how it looks. It's a very rustic flower not smooth and well finished looking like the one in Betty Linn Davenport’s book, “Rigid Heddle Weaving”, a transparency Inlay project - but it does feel nice.
I've found a spot for it in the hall.

Now, new animal arrivals :

Here's the persian-style ginger cat who showed up in February - stuck up a tree in the garden . He's taken up residence in the garage - so no more rodent problems there - YES!

Here's a hen with a headache - she was attaceked upon arrival by the mature white loghorn and virtually scalped!
She's done well since in the porch with bandages and a bit of TLC@


Bionic Laura said...

Love that wall hanging, the flower looks great.

The new cat is lovely. I hope the poor hen gets well soon too!

Catherine said...

Thanks Laura.
headache hen seems to be doing well so far but I'll have to keep her away from "Atilla the hen" for some time.