Thursday, June 3, 2010

Singles warp and more bread - and zeitgeist

The singles warp experiment went ahead with mixed results and much learning:
Frekkie 09 singles as a warp
I made a big boo-boo!! I beat way too hard on the woolie singles warp but this only dawned on me after I'd already broken several warps! I was inclined to label it a total failure by then - but for how nice the weft felt - just like I'd planned it! So I forged on with the help of patches and pins and finally got there - or therabouts. I actually love the thing despite all it's obvious flaws. I'd decided to go right ahead and warp another one - this time being very careful about the beating and having a better knowledge of how it's supposed to look and what the pattern stick does etc.
Then the zeitgeist thing happened - my copy of Sin.Off 2010 arrived this morning and here it has an article on singles used as warp entitles "Singles as warp? Yes, you can" by Linda Ligon. Well thanks for telling me :). But seriously, the tips she gives very much correlate with my just-past experience. Didn't think of using sizing - 'though perhaps that's only necessary for fairly fuzzy stiff.
So, with the approval of the universe, I'll warp another one soon.
A stole made from Frekkie 09 singles as warp and weft

More sourdough bread - I love this stuff:
Sour dough bread just out of oven

Two loaves of sour dough bread - mother made day before

Must go water the poor thirsty plants.



Lindy said...

The bread looks wonderful! As does the weaving.

Christine Raab-Heine said...

This scarf looks lovely and very delicate!

Catherine said...

Thanks so much Christine. It's full of errors yet i do love it :).