Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter woad

That woad "weed" is amazingly resilient. It has withstood the coldest days and nights here (-12 deg C at times) and continued to slowly grow.
It's not expected to give up any indigo dye from it's leaves past the end of summer so I thought to compost it. However, as I have several fleece lying about, I thought it worth having a bash at dying some if it with theses leaves - mainly to see what colors come from them other than indigo.

winter woad
There was indeed some faint powdery blue left in the leaves, a creamy color and a sort of peachy-orange. It looks very light now but probably will e a bit more distinct when concentrated in the yarn. Planning on combining then some way. Not sure yet.

Some left-over "spring hedgerow" yarn made a reasonable pair of fingerless "Evangeline" gloves and a Waffle beanie:
spring hedge hat and gloves spring hedge hat and gloves 2


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Lindy said...

Interesting colours. Of course you an still compost the stewed leaves, I suppose.