Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cooking reaction

Despite having some nice meals on my trip to England, I returned home with a cooking deficit and a slight feeling of just too much greasy food (loading up with "Full English" too often?).

So upon return, a cookin binge ensued.

coooking june25
"The Fruitcake", Basil and Parmesan buns, Lemon marmalade (from the skins kept in the freezer).
The basil grown from seed doesn't seem to rot off at the roots like the shop ones I've bought.

elderflower cordial
Elderflower Cordial . Just caught the flowers before they went over. This is surprisingly nice stuff - poured over ice cream for instance. Surprising to me, as I usually find elderberries have an evil-type taste to them ( perhaps something  on the surface of the berries?). Anyway, hurry for screw-top wine bottles!


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