Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boneyard Shawl

Stephen West has a nice shawl pattern he called "Boneyard" - well best if he explains that name.
I thought I might use it after trying my hand at graduated dying i.e. not fading away from this mortal coil, just dying warn with increasingly more saturated color.
I have a little cuttie hogget who is half Iolo Owens-type Easycare ram (I call them Anglesey easies) and half woolie cross ewe. Her first shearing this year yielded a nice soft little fleece. Yes ther was some coarser hair=like stuff but I was able to flick this off easily while I spun it. I used that for the graduated blue/green/grey food dye experiment and quite like the relult:

So this seemed a good one to try Stephen's Boneyard:

I like this one and it feels lovely.


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