Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where was I 'till now ?

So where have I been for nearly a month?
Batteling Windows Vista that's where.
There aren't enough derogatory adjectives for that little beast - grrr. Someone said using it was like riding a bicycle into mud!
It's working again after much investigation, searching, deleting and reinstalling - yet it will soon begin acting up again no doubt. Disturbing was it to find Windows 7 residing along side Vista in the "Help me with.." search results. Time for a new Mac (former one secunded by offspring).

During my first exercise class in a long while, I found my floppy hair quite a nuicence - blinded me every time i rose from a bend, tried to see the teacher or twisted my head to one side. Either I get a more thorough hair cut (which I avoid as I find it required more commercial attention than a medium one) or I find a means to hold the hir off my face.
This one from Ravelry patterns, Blue Leaf Headband by Adrienne Krey has worked out well for me using 3 strands held together of Old Maiden Aunt handpainted merino bamboo 4 ply .

This does the job nicely :).
Oh just got a grumble from the computer - better quit while I'm ahead - pun?

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