Monday, March 12, 2012

Between computers.. waiting for an update.

I've a backlog of photos to add to my blog - but there's no point attempting to add them as my current computers are - well, out of date. Time has at last caught up with my old iMac (10 years old +) and the piece of s... that is my Dell laptop didn't get any better for it's 4 years either. The latter is like an ailing patient that needs constant attention - with backups and updates and chasing malware and sorting the registry. It simmers in the background now as it does "no one knows what" in the background as I type.
Actually, after copying all the files I wanted to keep, cleaning the hard drive out and reinstalling Vista (not worth going to system7) it did zing along for a short time like it hadn't done before - I suppose it was freed for the first time of the burdensome proprietary stuff it was obliged to carry - but sadly this didn't last for, as the system and application updates came in, things went west and all the remedial tasks began again.

Hoping to acquire a new machine in a week or so and fingers crossed it will just work obediently - for a while anyway.
Meanwhile, here's a bird sanctuary I visited recently in Wicklow, sent from my aged phone camera:

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