Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weaving Rosanne's Brown Black Fleece

Started weaving Rosanne's Brown Blck fleece on the rigid heddle.
Using Kathleens's rug wool for the warp and between-locks wefts. Started with eight rows of warp then a row of locks, wrapped around four warps on a closed shed then six rows of weft between each row of locks. It seems a bit long and I'm not sure if I should have wrapped over six or eight warps, giving a shorter shag length but then it would not be so lush so I'll plough ahead with it. I aim to make it about 20" wide and 60" long but it may turn out smaller.

Locks wrapped in plastic garden netting before being plunged in hot water with washing up liquid for cleaning.

First three rows of locks woven. Well this is more about feel than looks :).


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