Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Relearning spinning wheel - standing up

I got my Ashford Traveller wheel with it's 2 treadles several years ago and it's worked well for me but in recent timesI'm having such a lot of trouble sitting down. Sitting provokes pain around the greater trochanter of the femur and ischium on the left side.
That makes using my wheel pretty impossible. E-spinners are SO expensive that I dismissed the idea of getting one of those 'though I could have used one while standing.
I decided treadling while standing up - obviously using just one treadle at a time . Actually it works! - I alternate beet - but so far I'm successful using the right-most pedal only. I'm gradually getting my drifting similar to how it was while sitting down and plying doesn't seem to present much problems.

The picture is not great. I tried to show my left foot on the right treadle while spinning a single.


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Woolly Bits said...

yep, e-spinners are costly - though I found a supplier in uk, who sells the one from ashford for £475 +pp of £25 - better than many other prices! but it's still expensive:( you could use a handspindle though? and if you do a lot of spinning, you could get one of those "stands" for tellers etc. - not a chair, they just support you a bit, when standing. don't know if it might cause same pain though... I bought a tripod with a seat that looks like a bike saddle years back from ikea, works well for me....