Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Synergies - a cat's tale

Rufus, our big soft red flat-faced Persian-style tom cat, showed up out-of-he-blue, in my garden around 2 years ago.
He is a laid-back, super-cool fellow, excellent mouser and all-round good guy ('though not terribly good at managing Hudson, the border collie, who lives here too  - with one gory result).
Some weeks after he adopted us, I was standing considering chicken wings in a supermarket in Athlone, when a fairly unremarkable 'though neat and practical-appearing woman came and stood beside me, also regarding the chicken wings. Ive fed raw meatly bones to my dogs for years, a practice I began while living in New York and having a dog with grain allergies (tinned dog food or kibble = scratch, scratch scratch in his case) but I was surprised when my companion volunteered that her daughter fed chicken wings to her dog. I revealed that I did the same! She went on to describe how her daughter had several animals - including a big red fluffy cat with a flat face, the like of which she had not see about the place (our hedge cats tend to be rather smooth and svelte) and it had shown up recently out of nowhere!! On further questioning it appeared to be exactly like Rufus! The woman was perplexed as she too inhabits a house largely surrounded by fields so no obvious source of the friendly intruder. I'm not sure if that woman really believed that we both had pretty much the same experience especially as I asserted that I too fed raw chicken wings to my dog (something she obviously thought was a rather weird practice on the part of her daughter). She moved on - I think a bit nervously.
Anyway, Rufus is well established here now and puts up with my cutting off matted noyles from his coat regularly.
Today, I attended a small knitting group in Ballymahon library. A talented and  interesting Swiss lady also attends and by chance showed me a phone-photo of her camper van which containg a larger red fluffy cat by the name of Murphy. And, guess what, he showed up in her field-encircled garden, out-of-the-blue two years ago! He is a dead ringer for Rufus - and of similar disposition. Her husband saw hin being hammered agains the garden hedge by her black cat and went to rescue Murphy - who sank into his arms, warm and snugly, matted coat and all.
Where are these benign red invaders coming from? It seems, they or someone else know how to pick a prospective home very very well.Perhaps they are aliens :)

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