Sunday, August 3, 2014

FeltstudioUK BFL hand-dyed roving spun

The weather turned - rain and dark recently - but the spinning goes on.
The Blue Faced Leicester hand-dyed roving has become 193 grams of chain-plied Sport weight yarn.
I spun the singles on the new drop spindle and chain-plied it on my e-spinner.
It was nice work.
The color repeats are roughly aligned so that the blues, violet, green and earth are not too smudged out although there are areas of barber pole.
It is soft and moderately "drapey".

A Little bit of the singles left over:

A little of the roving left over

The chin-plied hand  with the new drop spindle

A very rounded yarn.



Heather said...

That looks lovely. I like barber pole effects. Would that have been undesirable with chain plying? The fibre is a nice combo. It is a kind of colour that is gender neutral too, which is rare enough!

Catherine Cronin said...

Thank you Heather :). I suppose chain ply is often used to keep colours plied just with the same colour but I was not that strict so there is some mixed plies but I rather like that too.

Catherine Cronin said...

Bernard commented "Beautiful!" and I accidentally deleted it via the iPhone :(. I don't get so many complements that I can afford to delete even one so "Thank You Bernard".

PS :
seems comments can't be undeleted so careful with those little buttons on the touch screens.