Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Flicker - Flame fiber and yarn


I have lots of my former sheep's fleece dyed in a fuzzy heap in a basket and from time to time I card some and then make different colored springy squishy yarns.
Looking at the empty hearth (no fires needed right now in April) it somehow made me want to create a flame-like yarn from my dyed wool.
First I went for the red - then thought of the yellow and soon the lemon and eventually the navy-blue - since these colors are all seen in the flickering flames .
It's not complete yet - one jumbo spool of singles done - but I'll now upload some of the photos I'm taking along the way and hopefully then the finished yarn at another time.
Red, two yellows, blue and grey hand dyed fleece

 Blended on drum carder: (red, yellow1, red, yellow2, red grey) repeat X 3 then add blue.
(red, yellow1, red, yellow2, red grey) repeat X 2 then add blue. = 1 batt


First singles beings spun from 4 batts - a strip from each in turn repeating to mix it up.

First jumbo spool is nearly filled now - will make more batts for the second one - not sure whether to keep it to one solid color or use more (don't want so much color overlap that it all becomes mud when plied).
So - we'll see.

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