Friday, February 12, 2016

Along came Connie

I walk ISPAC dogs regularly in their grounds and have met hundreds by now of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. I didn't plan on adopting one, rather intended to let my old collie, Huddle, spend his later years in peace.
HOWEVER, one day, just before I was due to leave, a couple came planning to take their selected red and white collie for a test drive around the grounds. Out leapt a skinny lively slightly crazy human-loving bitch in a red and white tuxedo. "Nope - not her, our choice is a much smaller collie" -  no, but....and sure enough, there was indeed a much smaller, calmer red and white border collie.
Would I take the reject for a walk? Of course - not because of some sentimental fear of hurting her feelings - no, because I had a little time left and because, well, SHE'S MY DOG! Not literally my dog (she in fact came from some hell-hole along with a whole slue of other misused dogs)  ...... people who are very attached to dogs will know what I mean - some synapse closes in your brain when you meet the animal and you have to keep him or her with you - even if he/she is a right handful - which this bitch surely is.

                                         Just arrived in her new home - very submissive (didn't last :))

                                                 Amazed by water!

                                         and by fire

GRRRRRR so many photos and comments I placed here GONE.....again, Sigh.

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barazile, livpåIrland said...

hi Catherine,
what a gorgeous dog! lovely to have met you at the weekend, I must read back over your posts and ooo and aaa over the wondrous wool creations!