Sunday, January 22, 2017

Order and Chaos

There has been more chaos then order in my life since August last year.
However the black Merino is well spun into useful yarn cakes and available to add to and edge several projects.

I seem to be sending my hand spun fleece yarn to more fanciful projects ('though it is still king when it comes to hats and gloves). It is used here in one of my more chaotic projects - an end-of-bed throw which symbolises earth and space and will frame at its centre words some words and symbols of the wonderful polymath Galileo's observations.

To satisfy my need for order, I sourced some commercial yarn made of natural fibres to make patterned scarves on my rigid heddle loom.
Two such shown here:

Here is another ordered scarf - a thinner one perhaps for a young girl bridesmaid, on the loom.

I love this 3:1 pickup pattern.

Another UFO is a rag rug - which I'll eventually tackle ..... I'm sure.

Variety is nice - especially when it allows one part of anatomy to take a break while employing another e.g. weaving vs knitting vs cutting and sewing.

Bye for now on this bright, crisp cold day in January.


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