Monday, June 12, 2017

Spinning Grey Alpaca - again

Not content with having three (or more?) Unfinished Objects, I decide to attack some of the raw alpaca fleece bagged in my spinning den.

I did not photo the raw stored fleece as it looks like a crime scene but I did photo the 56 gm batt I made on the drum carder.

It is pretty nice soft fibre now that I have teased and picked handfuls of it while leaning out over the half-door of the den. Any Alpaca fleece I've acquired has been full of black and grey dust and not great for working indoors.

Hands always looks like this after prepping or spinning it:

I'm spinning it on the e-spinner (the wheels is otherwise engaged) with an angle of around 25 - 30 degrees.

That intermittent noise is from the camera not the E spinner I'm glad to say.

More batts needed as all spun for now.


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