Sunday, April 21, 2019

Settling into Wexford and plans for craft room!

Just over a week in new place in Wexford. So far so good - emerged from a festoon of cardboard boxes 'though several still around and mysterious.

Washed fleece arrived hidden in the under-bed drawers - don't know what the movers thought when they caught a glimpse.

Drum carder required assistance - got a bit bent-out-of shape but running well now thanks to OH and youtube.

Attended the market day at Babbles retreat in Tipperary yesterday -( ). Very pleasant - lots of fibre chat and small market. Plus the weather was glorious.

Several hanks of the German roving now complete but plan to start on my rug yarn ASAP now that the drum carder is complete. It will have to compete with house and garden renovations though. Thinking about my neighbour's flock back in our pasture in Ardnacraney. Wish them well - maybe get more fleece at shearing time? NO Catherine, finish what you've got!

Pics later I hope.

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