Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring hedgerow almost done

Don't pick the balls Stella!

These got the ball winder treatment too.

A 6 X 6" swatch on 4 mm needles.
21 sts and 26 rows over 4" in ss.
Just a bit more to go.
Not allowd to try spinning any of the new fleece until it and several other things are done - but it's really tempting to start spinning Jumper's fleece. Jumper is a big ewe with a down type fleece. She's called Jumper due to her superior ability to clear hurdles - even now when she has a full bag. But she is a good natured lady and has nice twins every year. Anyway, I kept and washed about 800 gms of her fleece which should be enough for a ........ jumper of course :).


Lindy said...

I love the knitted piece!

Catherine said...

Will bring it to KnitTea for inspection :).