Sunday, October 18, 2009

Center-pull balls for plying

The Autumn leaves shawl/scarf is slowly progressing with added edging - quite a long process.
Meanwhile, Buddleia dyed yarn has to be plied for use in a weaving project - a very simple one - straight weaving on a Knitters Loom - with stripes of color - but still needed the pencil and paper to work it out. I know where Jacquard was coming from now!
Anyway, needed to ply together 2 lace-weight balls of yarn to make them stronger and thicker for the weave. Fortunately, they are center-pull balls, so can sit on the Lazy Kate of the spinning wheel and I can pull/draft lengths together and ply them (Rem: 9:1 over 18" - 6 out and 2 in)without any shenanigans like winding onto spindles! Phew!

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