Monday, September 28, 2009

leaves on the line

Well it's on the line. One good thing about lace knitting is the speed it dries at - and the weather obliged today. The leaves only became really apparent when the shawl was steam-ironed - which flattened and evened out the center of each leaf. Now I've got to add a crochet edge as it's too lightweight as it is. The plan is to add 2 rows of double crochet all around - with an added chain stitch between DC's on the second round and three DC's into each corner.
Another photo hopefully when that gets done - fleece and batts, ya still have to wait!


Woolly Bits said...

your scarf is lovely! great idea to block on a washing line just with a cloth hanger:)) why don't you knit a lovely wavy border around the scarf instead of a crochet finish? I do like the look (even though I have to admit that it seems to take some time to do, with all those short rows and a lot of turning:))
thanks for visiting my blog!

Catherine said...

Tks Bettina.
I've done the 2 crochet rows and now I'm thinking of putting single leaves hanging off the points or maybe all round :).

Woolly Bits said...

all around single leaves? argh, that'll end in loads of ends darning in:)) I'd rather have knitted a border in leaf pattern all around than sew single leaves to the scarf all over.... but it would fit the theme!

Irene said...

I have left you a well deserved award on my blog.

Catherine said...

Well Woolie Bits I now have over 600 stitches on the circular needle and it's all your fault :). Decided to add a scalloped edge - took pattern from edging on a "Leaves" scaft in Spinn Off mag. - no idea what it will finally looks like as it's all scrunched up on the needles - well it's exciting to find out - hope I don't have to frag it!


Catherine said...

An award! That sounds very nice :). Thanks Irene.