Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rock Flower shawl done

Eruca sativa - this one has a pinkish hue, they are usually whiter but if you look hard at them as I did, you see darker purples in the creamy flower and dark and light geern in the leaves and stems. Tasts good too.

The yarn is fingering weight. Because of it's ability to bloom and stretch, I used 4.5 mm needles to knit the shawl.
It's basically a generic triangle with loops up the middle and by the 3=stitch garter stitich edge.

I like the center part with the swipes of color (like the rocket flower) reminds me of fireworks or a kite. Definitely a summer celebration thing.

The top (where it all started) is inadorned and should sit below the nape of the nexk when worn.

The tip and sides benefit from one iteration from the Luna shawl with scalloped edge (thanks Roseanne aka ZaraRose).

The majority was very easy to knit, with just 4 YO's each RS row. I placed a thread through the stitches before attempting the 12 rows at the end. It took me some calculation to get the right number of stitched to begin the lacey, scalloped edge. I finally realised it consisted of 23 sts to cover the middle and 2 edge sections and the pattern in between was in multiples of 10 so I contrived to have 323 sts on the needle when commencing the pattern. MANY PM's were used. Some fragging - indeed the whole first row attempt - but the thread in place saved me (thanks Lindy). The soft cast off was vital too.
Needless to say, it's a pretty warm, though light shawl - good for over a light dress on a chilly evening - we get planty of these.

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