Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buddleia dye

That great blog gave instruction on how to dye protein fibre with Buddleia trimmings.
I love the results - soft yellows and citrus yellows. Making batts and spinning - but MUST FINISH AUTUMN LEAVES SHAWL BEFORE I GET TO WORK ON IT.
"Catherine, leave the fleece alone - again!"

Anyway - the important thing is the recipe as follows:
Done end September 2009 when the tree was pruned and flower heads brown.

1 1/2 Liters Buddleia flower heads
3 L chopped stems and leaves
Heads covered with 5 L water
Leaves/stems covered with 8 L water
Brought to boil and simmered 10 mins, heat turned off then left overnight.

Next AM, reheat, and stirred.
White kitchen paper dipped into the plant water -
the heads gave a liquid like tea, the leaves gave light greenish color.
Noted oil floating on top of the leaf mixture.
Heating for 30 mins + appeared to deepen the colors.
Had ready 400 grams of Greyface 09 fleece - a soft but troubled fleece from a Suffolk X type meat sheep, previously mordanted with alum and Cream of Tartar.

Divided the fleece in 4, 100 gms into each pot and simmered for 40 mins then removed and rinsed,
There was still dye present in each pot so another 2 lots of 100 grams simmered after the first.
The 2 batts above show the first dying in the flower head and leaf pots respct. - the paler batts will be prepared later as will pics of the spun yarn.

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