Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shetland Shortie, Cabbage Rose, Unblocked

Unblocked - I don't mean I've finally been able to write again, rather I've not wet or dampened the last two wollie things I've made and ironed or pinned them into shape.
The Shetland Shortie. Gudrun Johnston pattern uses Bird’s Eye Lace Pattern from Barbara Walker’s “A Treasury Of Knitting Patterns" to make a very useful little front-tie bolero and it suits my purpose well.
Shetland shortie
Shetland shortie

My "eyes" are a bit unruly as is the nature of the yarn I spun for it so perhaps I should block it to even things out.
I should have blocked the individual parts (5 of them) which comprise this lapel pin thing:
cabbage rose lapel pin
but, I made it mainly just to see how the thing worked. Based on Loretta's Starburst Pattern for a hotplate, and seen on Rosknit's Ravelry project page. Used my low-twist space dyed single hand spun wool and a 4 mm crochet hook. Unblocked, it comes out all floppy and like a cabbage rose. I needs support of a little card or plastic disc behind and a pin to wear as a lapel pin.
I'll probably relent and block the first on - but perhaps not the second one.


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