Monday, March 28, 2011

A day o remember, a day to forget

Not much from me on this blog recently, perhaps because I've been preoccupied with Oisin, my beautiful collie. Diagnosed with cardimyopathy 9 months ago, he had 6 good months on treatment - including a visit to Scotland, two so-so months and this past month, failing daily until last night he reached a crisis. I called our vet, Triona first thing (I'm not too sure what time confused enough without the hour change) and very soon two lovely young women, veterinary nurses, came to the house and helped Oisin to rest. They were skilled and gentle and he put up no fight.
This day shows no sympathy, with it's magnificent clear, bright sun and the birds mock me with their chatter. But I am glad to have had the means to end his distress and lay him to rest.
My past twelve years seem to be lying covered in a blanket outside and close by, two singles, one set of twins and one set of triplets gambol about nearby. At least he saw the first of the lambs born and spent his last few days lying by their paddock.
So melancholy am I right now, I'm not sure I should be foisting this on anyone who might happen across it.
Huddie, his adopted brother, seemed bewildered by the change in circumstances. He has a hard act to follow.
The spinning wheel is a good friend at these times. I've plans to spin up these rolags, made from noily batts and ply with another green fiber. That and the lambs should keep me busy.
Pools Among The rushes fleece
oisin posing in the woods


Anna Bee said...

So sorry about Oisin.

Catherine said...

Thanks Anna.

Lindy said...

He was a very well looked after dog and loved so much. Lots of hugs and sympathy.

Bionic Laura said...

Very sorry to hear about Oisin.

Jagienka said...

I'm so sorry. We too had a dog in the family who was like a family member, so much more than just a pet. Everyone was heartbroken when he was put to sleep.
At least you found some comfort in the spinning. Hopefully we will manage to cheer you up a bit with Lindy once you visit Galway! For now, I'm sending you lots and lots of virtual hugs.

Snag Breac said...

Oh no! Only reading this now. I am so sorry to hear about Oisin. Its a really hard thing losing a dear and much loved pet. And he was so obviously such a big part of your life.