Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rosemary in the Loo; slubs and noils in a yarn - Pools Among The Rushes

What to do with the toilet when it's been replaced by a newer model?
Plant a low-growing Rosemary bush in it :).
Rosemary Toilet 2
Rosemary toilet 1

The multicolor batt, made from drum carding blue, green and yellow-green short fibers with noild sandwitched between un-dyed white fleece  was spun into singles using supported long-draw at 12:1 using 8 out, 1 in over about 28 inches. It was plied with different solid color fleece spun at 12:1 over 1 inch using  twist-assist short-draw . The batt sigles were spun with different solid colors making a bouncy 2-ply at 9 wpi except for one which was plied with brown and light green making a n 8 wpi 3-ply.
Pools Among The rushes fleece
Pools ATR skeins
Pools ATR hanks2

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