Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some weaving progress

I'm happy with how this slub- and- noil hand-spun yarn is behaving on the rigid heddle loom.
I did the maths and made a plan to weave it into an 11" X 72" table runner, with a tweedy-plaid effect.
PATR weave plan
The different shades of yarn lined up for action behind the 8-dent heddle (which the yarn fits through :) ).
PATR woolie troops
The warps in place:
PATR warp
About 1/3/ done:
PATR woven
I can use the heddle to beat the weft in without harming the warp. I wasn't sure this would work out but glad to say it did. Hopefully I'll remember to check my stash in Ravelry to see how that yarn came about.


Lindy said...

This looks really good! I love the colours together. Nice weaving.

Catherine said...

Thanks Lindy. I love a bit of encouragement :).