Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lamb Gang 2011 and some Gortland roving.

Experimenting with some Gortland sheep roving I've had for a while.
gortland roving prepared 1
It's silvery-gray with white mixed in. Very silky coarser outer-type gray fibers and softer, shorter white and light gray fibers. It has a lovely feel/hand. Just spun a little - thicker and then thinner , plyed it once then knit a small swatch.
It's  hard to decide whether to go for the slender shiny yarn and perhaps knit on larger needles for a "holy" fabric for a shawl or spin thicker and keep the softer bounce. Doing the latter would probably make a fairly hairy end fabric - but that might be OK on an outer-wear garment. I'm toying with the idea of spinning it thing and tight and then 3-plying it as I expect it would still become soft and blossom again after soaking the yarn.
Then it might rake an over-dye when finished...
Ah decisions ....
Some info on the Gortland breed:

Spun it up anyway: -
gortland spinning 1
On the Traveller: TW short long draw 12:1 over 1/2 inch.

gortland on the bobbin 1
2-plys at 9:1, 9 treadles out, one in.

Gortland hank drying 1

Ended up with about 91 gms/ 3.2 oz  of 2-ply, 12 wpi/sportweight.
It's an interesting yarn - fairly coarse yet silkey .
I saw an Raverly  ( download pattern - "Treads "    by  Victoria  Anne  Baker  which I think would work well with this yarn. It's for a pair of open-fingered gloves with a very interesting pattern at the wrist and knuckles.
Now I've written this here i just might got on and knit them.

Lambs are loving the mild weather - going mad at sun-down as usual:
This year's Lamb Gang:

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