Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Runner woven, now to give it finish.

The PATR yarn is woven on the rigid heddle into a table runner 5 ft long and 11" wide, with a 9.5" fringe each end.  I meant it to be longer but another pattern repeat would have brought me right up to the heddle itself so I had to finish it off at that length.
The hand-spun behaved well until the last 1/4 when one of the warps began to get shaved by the heddle so I changed to beating it with the weft stick, which seemed to work fine util I took it off and found ti made the cloth narrower. So I had to ease it sidewasy to widen that end while it was wet.
I showed it to Agnieszka (Ravelry's Jagienks ) and Lindy (Ravelry's Rosknit) and we thought it would be better to not twist or plat the ends. I might put some kind of binding round on groups of yarn tails about 1/2" from the ends.
How to soak/wash it with all thise ends? Well rubber bands were handy.:
So it got a soak

Drying. Pins to mark skips and little ends to weave in better:

Yesterday, Myself and Lindy had a great time learning spinning and seeing beautiful yarn and knits at Agnieszka's place.
Anyone wanting to learn to spin or other yarnie things would do well to book an hour or two to do the same.

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