Thursday, June 2, 2011

A third cushion front woven

This one is a bit too --- staid, so I'll leave some of the fringe exposed perhaps to keep it more hand-made.
Actually, it could not be more hand made - the wool is off my sheep and spun. Some dyed with indigo leaves from the garden, some with Buddlea (yellow) from a tree, some not dyed. The orangie-brown is from an alpaca that lives in Waterford. The back will not be hand made- it's cotton fabric I bought.


I think I have a plan to make it into another 16" X 16" cushion - out with the sewing machine.



Joybilee Farm said...

Is that an Ashford knitter's loom. My very favorite loom of all the 10 or so looms in my studio. Do you like weaving on it?

Nice to meet you on my blog this morning. You have a lovely blog, too, and you probably spend more time playing with fiber than I get to, as I spend time blogging each week.

What does DroimAnUan mean? Is it Irish Gaelic? You probably get asked that all the time.

Have a nice day,

Catherine said...

Yes, it's an AKL - my only loom - so far :). I do love using it, once Ive done the maths on how to warp it with the yarns I have available.
Yes, the name is gaelic - Droim = back, an uan = of the sheep. I was really thinking "off the back of a sheep" after I first sheared mine some years ago.