Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A trip to the North of England June 17 - 22 2011

We went to Cumbria to partake of the Easycare Sheep breeders meeting - and dinner.
We traveled by ferry and had the luxury of fearlessly carrying all sorts of items in the car with us. A visit to a breeders farm followed an animated discussion along the lines of "where to next" with the breed. The discussion ended before any actual bodily harm was done and the dinner later that night was very amiable.
Then followed a succession of lovely trips across the "green and pleasant land" - dales, wolds, moors and of course, sheep, traveling west to east (Scarborough) and back to the ferry ar
Here's me with my white hair and big ass gazing on the lushness :).
The rockey coast at Scarborough - avoided the tackey part like the plague.
We entered villages and towns on the way, many with long histories and full of character, inland and on the coast:
Here be other half, observing a castle and knowing it's provenance and history - unlike me:
Durham 2
Durham 1
Yes, the weather was often dull - but I don't give a toss about that:

York city is a star - we stayed a while there and I'd have liked to stay longer (not so in Carlyle, where we stayed overnight so as to be fairly close to the ferry going back next afternoon - no siree). The cathedral oozed history and atmosphere.

I have to make a separate page for my "fibery" items - which of course had to be injected into the trip.

A right big=headed one in Durham:
Durham 3

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