Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodalls food color sampling

I have several colors of food coloring made by Goodalls. I've used them to dye some yarn once or twice before and tended to get somewhat weaker colors. I've decided to make some dyed yarn samples using them to see what they might look like in full concentration and to get an idea of quantities of dye and vinegar needed for wool yarn.
I read somewhere that food color needed 1 ml for every gram of fiber - so 5 grams of yarn needs 5 mls of liquid dye etc. A 100 gram hank of yarn would need 4 of the 25 ml bottles of food dye that I usually get! - quite a lot so if I were to use this for a large project, I'd need to find a source of big value quantities. Maybe a catering products company? - but that's for another day.
First pass:
5 grams of my 2-plyd hand spun yarn soaked for 1/2 hour in 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar. Then I rinsed the yarn (probably a mistake - the yarn was all clean, the soaking was to get the acidic water all through it - shouldn't have rinsed it away).
Coveren the yarn in water in a small pot, added 5 mls of green color and brought to the boil. Simmered 1/2 hour then left to cool. Rinsed.
This produced a light green dye with quite a lot left in the the pot:

So I thought "not enough beast and/or not enough vinegar" - our water tends to be alkali, so maybe I need more acid than usual. Wish I had some litmus paper left!
Replaced the yarn in the pot, added more vinegar and simmered for a further 1/2 hour then left it to go very cool in the water.
A lot greener and very little left in the pot.

6 grams yarn, 50:50 vinegar:water soak for 1/2 hour, then NO rinse, add 6 mls of blue dye to liquid and another glug of vinegar, then replace the yarn; bring to the boil; simmer for one hour then cool and rinse.

As you can see, this is a purplish blue with uneven take-up. It looks more of a navy blue in real life than the photos show. I've noticed this splitting with this blue before - not sure why. It did all take up onto the yarn.

Next I will sample Black, Yellow and Red.


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