Thursday, June 14, 2012

Goodalls Red Yellow and Black

Dye samples using Goodalls food colors. This time used about 60:40 water : vinegar and using 1 ml of dye to 1 gm of wool yarn.
They are quite bright - a bit harsh so maybe  a lower concentration of dye - say 0.5 ml per gram - would give a softer, more subtle effect.

These three 2 gram mini-hanks were cooked in the microwave and despite the small amount (6 grams in about 300 mls liquid), in individual bowls with cling film on top,  it took full 5 minutes at full power (850 watts) to get the dye in. The liquid left for the yellow was almost clear, the red left a fair bit of red tint in the water and the black left quite a lot of dye in the water. There was no bleeding from any of the three while they were rinsed .

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