Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dying more fleece with Karen's dyes

Karen left me some pre-mixed acid dyes before she left Ireland for the US.
They sit atop the kitchen shelves, alternately promising and nagging - "Go on, use us", "you don't know how much dye is in us so you can't figure out how to use us", "For the love of... you have a load of fleece so what does it matter if it doesn't work out out too well". So the last argument won and I used the Plum, Spruce and Gold to dye three lots of the previously washed fleece. I'm drum carding and spinning it now and thinking what I might do with the yarn when it's all spun. Possibly a rug...
Some photos of the work in progress:

Seems to match these French Beans in the raise bed:

Drum carded batt divided into sections:

Long draw, 12:1 on Ashford Traveler wheel 16-18 WPI:
Changing to precessing the green stuff now for a change.


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