Friday, June 15, 2012

Huddie Hat

Hudson Rua, aka Huddie "blew" his coat about 3 weeks ago. Tufts of undercoat were left dangling from his hair especially along his back and sides. These have to lifted out - to clean him up and prevent hairs around the house but also, as they are very soft, to spin into yarn.  A lot could be simply picked off but a brush was employed to get lots more out. Note: this is soft undercoat which I call "doggie down", other call "cangora" - not coarse hair.
Here's some photos of Huddie yarn in progress:

 Yarn was spun and plied on my little drop spindle making about 53 yards. A swatch using 4 mm needles showed a gauge of 5 1/2 stitched /inch .
I matched this with some wool yarn I spun and dyed a while ago.
It became this hat:

Knit on circular needles, the rib is wool, turned under for a snug hem and the rest is stocking stitch, 2 rows Huddie, 2 rows wool - some of the wool is dyed in blues and a little red here and there.
It's very soft , warm and not irritating at all.
Thanks Huddie. Catch you again next year if not before.


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